Why would you play at our server?

Our community is friendly, always appreciates tips and we offer a wide range of game modes!

What do we offer?

We offer you the following game modes:

  • CityBuild
  • Bedwars
  • KnockBackFFA
  • SkyWars*
  • EggWars*
  • SkyBlock*
  • Nuke*

*Those game modes are still work in progress!

What are the rules?

We also don’t appreciate long rules, so here you have it short:

  • Treat others like you want them to treat you.
  • If you feel threatened, always ask for help!
  • Don’t write youth hostile, pornographic or political nonsense content in the chats.
  • Don’t threaten / annoy anybody.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t exclude others because of their origin or appearance.
  • Don’t cheat other players.

You view see the full rules here: Full rules

What are your options to communicate with others?

  • The minecraft chat c:
  • Our discord-server: discord